Our Roads, Our Story

The stories behind the streets that define our city

Charlotte began with two roads. Two Native American trading paths once intersected at today’s Trade and Tryon, a modest beginning that evolved into the economic center of the nation’s 17th largest city. Every road sends us on a journey. Some remind us of where we were and others take us where we’re going. Some are a source of pride, such as Queens Road West. Independence Boulevard represents the challenges of growth and progress found all over Charlotte, while Wilkinson Boulevard, once a “showplace of the South,” changes to a relic of the past. And on Randolph Road, we’re exposed to an extreme example of present-day division rooted in the days of slavery. We didn’t choose these roads because they’re traveled the most often or connect the most people. We chose them because they tell the stories of how our city started, how we’ve grown and changed, the things we have to be proud of, and the issues we still face. Through these five roads, we share a collective story: the evolution of our city. 

Trade and Tryon Streets

Queens Road West

Independence Boulevard

Wilkinson Boulevard

Randolph Road

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