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Notes on Choosing a Wedding Decor Theme

Once you've said 'yes' and spread the news to your nearest and dearest, the next thought on your mind will likely be a design motif. Though venue, accommodating dates and such things may need to take precedent, unless you and your fiancé have a specific locale in mind, the wedding aesthetic will shape all other facets. Your color palatte and general style should be emblematic of you as a couple and feel natural to your couple personality. That said, here are a few additional tips to help you narrow down and nominate a decor theme for 'I do,'

Balancing Act

It has become socially acceptable that the wedding day is the bride's day. But this should by no means be the case, and your decor scheme shouldn't reflect such either. Try to keep your groom in mind when choosing a general theme. Set on pink but your fiancé is partial to rustic elements? Choose satin linens and burlap runners for your reception tables. It's all about incorporating both interests and keeping both him and her happy in the process. 

Walk The {DIY} Line

When it comes to craft projects, always keep in mind the fine line between tasteful and tacky. While it's always essential to be mindful of budgetary restrictions, often the supplies required to fashion these DIY projects will exceed pre-made alternatives in price. This is another aspect you should discuss with potential vendors, as it's often the case that certain decor elements are included in his or her base price. Not to mention, the last thing a bride wants is for her guests to walk away from her event noticing only the homemade quality of her decor. 


When choosing a decor theme, you'll want first to think about your intended level of formality. If you're throwing a black tie soirée, low-country details can cheapen what would otherwise be a highly formal event. But on the flip side, add in some serious crystal chandeliers and gold flatware, and you have an unexpected mix of design elements that fit the formal mold in a creative fashion. In more basic terms, the more formal the event, the more formal your design elements should be. Classic black and white with splashes of metallic are quintessentially regal. Other hues that work well (and are also seriously trending) for black or white tie affairs: emerald green, deep purple and classic chinoiserie blue and white. For less formal events, you have a great deal of flexibility in color. Just be sure your intended dress code is easily conveyed and matching in your design theme. 

Weave Master

Once you've chosen a decor and color scheme, it's quite lovely to incorporate elements of such throughout related aspects. For instance, if your theme has sprung from a 'something borrowed' estate jewelry piece, use decade-related decor and design trends for stationery, linens, lighting and signature cocktails. If it's a favorite flower or picturesque garden venue, weave the hues or blooms into those items as well. It's a classy way to keep your event feeling cohesive and give guests a small taste of what's to come when they receive their invitations and save-the-dates. 

Go With The Flow

If you're stressed out or clueless when it comes to choosing a theme, let the pressure go. Coming up with an inspired or unexpected theme can be as simple as a conversation or brainstorm. For instance, think of places that are particularly significant to you as a couple. Once you've chosen a place, brainstorm the colors, sites and culture of that city, and let those elements be your creative springboard. After all, design and decor are all visionary. The most inspired design themes are those which are evocative of you as a couple. Choose your theme in this fashion and there's simply no going wrong. 


Photo: Kristin Vining

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