Passover Plates

For those observing Passover, we have a few places where you can pick up the staples

Beginning on Friday, April 3, and continuing until Saturday, April 11, those of the Jewish faith will celebrate the feast of Passover. Finding the perfect staple food items can be a little tricky, especially if you aren't as crystal clear about what you can and can't have during the holiday:

Eat: You can have matzo in any form, any kind of fruit or vegetable (excluding a few), beef, turkey, chicken, duck, goose, or fish with scales, eggs, nuts, dairy products (when not mixed with meat or additives), herbs, spices, and anything labeled "kosher."

Don't Eat: Certain meats, including pork, shellfish, lobster, shrimp, crab, rabbit, and seafood without fins or scales are not permitted during Passover. Additionally, any food product or recipe made with the following grains: wheat, oats, rye, barley, spelt are prohibited if they’ve had contact with water/moisture for longer than 18 minutes, which leads to rising or “leavening.” There are additional items as well, so be sure to check with your rabbi if you're unclear as to what is or is not permissible.

Glebierman's Kosher Mart & Restaurant, located at 5668 International Drive, specializes in all things kosher and ups the ante around Jewish holidays like Passover. In addition to kosher meat, fish, and fresh items, they also carry sodas, snacks, and desserts certified kosher for the holiday.

Zygma in Pineville isn't necessarily kosher but does specialize in all things Polish. Pickles, beets, horseradish, are readily available as are deli and frozen items.

Additionally, numerous grocery stores in the Charlotte area are stocked and ready for both Passover and Easter. Harris Teeter is currently carrying all things Manischewitz including matza meal, cake meal, beet horseradish, herbs, and more.

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