WHO Dog lover Diana Daffin breeds and raises bouncy, healthy boxers.

But upon moving to Charlotte, she realized how hard it was to find raw, organic foods and natural supplements for her prized pups. She vowed to become a reliable supplier and an educational resource for all pet owners who want their furry friends to eat (and feel) better. VIBE Call it ironic, but this store is filled with beautiful, hearty, warm wooden shelves, cabinets, tables, and chairs that you’d hate for Sparky to gnaw on. It’s all hand made by Amish artisans from reclaimed barn wood in Pennsylvania, and Daffin is happy to help you order some for yourself. SPEND Switch your store-bought (and grain-heavy) pet food to a protein-rich brand like Timberwolf ($32 for 16.5 pounds). Stock up on snacks like dehydrated raw food from Honest Kitchen ($3.75 per bag) and bake up some nutrient-packed muffins or brownies ($7.30 per box of mix). Reward your healthy pet with a decadently comfortable Double Donut nap bed by Bowsers Home Designs ($122-$142) and a luxury pet blanket by Jack Rocket Wear ($46). Got a new puppy? Train him with toys that exercise his little mind like the Treat Stick ($13), Tug-a-Jug ($10), or Busy Buddy ($10), all of which make him work for his reward. THE VITALS 12206 Copper Way #136, Toringdon Circle at Johnston Road and Highway 485, 704-544-7551,

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