Pen-Ultimate with Baltz Fine Writing Instruments

Two Davidson grads counter the digital age by handcrafting fine wood pens
Carrie Campbell

Whether crafting canoes or watching cabinetry come to life, Bart Creasman and Cass Baltz were raised in woodworking. Respect for the traditional craft inspired the two twenty-something Davidson College pals to flee unfulfilling Charlotte careers and launch Baltz Fine Writing Instruments.

Boosted by an online fundraising campaign, the duo began fashioning luxury pens from exotic wood in 2010. “We wanted to bring back an old craft with products that are all made in America,” Creasman says.

Three types of handcrafted pens—all composed of birdseye maple, padauk, and African blackwood mixtures—run $160 each. A second wave of products is underway in their Raleigh-based shop.

To peruse the pens, visit

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