Photo Essay: #Election2016 in Charlotte

North Carolina will play a big role in this year's presidential election. Charlotte magazine photographer Logan Cyrus visited polling locations around the city to capture the moment.

Voting begins at First Ward Elementary earlier today.


Voters line up outside Hawthorne Recreation Center in the morning dark, before the location opens for polling.


Ethan Uslan plays piano for voters at the Old Nations Ford precinct as part of a program for the ASC.


Voters cast their ballots inside Hawthorne Recreation Center in the Elizabeth neighborhood.


State Senator Jeff Jackson makes a last minute campaign pitch to a voter outside of First Ward Elementary School.


Charlotte residents enter their polling precinct at First Ward Elementary School to cast a ballot in this year's election.


A Charlottean and Panthers fan exits his polling location after casting his ballot.


Voters line up to cast their ballots at First Ward Elementary School.


Concerned voters help remove yard signs that were deemed too close to the polling location.


Campaign trash can be seen all over polling places, including this planter at Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church.

The line to vote at Mt. Moriah Primitive Baptist Church.


State Senator Jeff Jackson speaks to a voter near First Ward Elementary School.

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