Postscript with Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art for the Mint Museum Uptown, shares the story of a favorite piece in his personal collection

“Most everything I have is either a gift or something I traded for with another artist. There is one painting in particular, by a brilliant local painter Kirk Fanelly, that I commissioned after my father died in 2005. It’s based on an old photo of me and my father dancing when I was about two years old. After the painting was finished, I found out that a bunch of my friends secretly pitched in and paid for the commission. My wife, Laura, was the ringleader. I don’t think I’ve ever been so touched. It just speaks to what art can bring to your life. We had a naming party, and the title was declared to be Happy Hour. My sons, Truman (four) and Leo (two), have learned about my father through this painting of him and me and through stories we tell.”

Brad Thomas, Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Mint Museum Uptown

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