Postscript with Missy Luczak

Chris Edwards

“I believe personal taste and style are a result of the things that influence you during your lifetime. The fabric on this chaise is a Quadrille fabric from the mid-seventies—my mother’s good friend Jay Hyde Crawford designed the fabric. It was a very important element in the sitting room of my parents’ bedroom. Growing up, I considered their room to be a haven—one of comfort as well as a wonderland full of beautiful fabrics. I used to call the fabric the ‘Jack in the Bean Stalk’ fabric because of the fabulous creeping vine that runs through the center. My mom used it on just about everything—drapes, bedding, pillows, valances—around their bed. The room had great style and was quite mesmerizing for a young girl. I found the chaise in storage after my mother passed away several years ago. I had to smile as it brought back so many happy memories.”

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