Pretty in Pink

WHAT Petal

WHO Husband-and-wife team Jonathan and Jammie Dean (he does the books; she does the buying) moved to Charlotte two years ago. When prime real estate on East Boulevard opened up, they jumped at the opportunity to open an upscale, Manhattan-esque boutique.

VIBE An all-white interior softened by crystal chandeliers and light pink flooring. Jammie stocked the shop with her faves: MINT by Jodi Arnold, Shoshanna, Diesel jeans, plus C&C California knits for the wee ones.

SPEND Grab a Juicy Couture four-piece gift set ($125) for your bambino. Or splurge on a casual Ella Moss Black Label strapless Tahiti print layered dress ($299) or a flowy Mod Mini by Prairie New York ($238). (Come fall, this will be one of a few select stores to carry the Little Marc Jacobs line.)

THE VITALS 1315 East Blvd., No. 180, 704-516-2010,