Product Spotlight: Bicycle Speaker

Lately I have started to occasionally ride my bicycle. I’m not going to make any big claims of extremely long or hard rides, but Charlotte is gorgeous in the fall and it’s the perfect time of year to cruise the city’s tree-lined streets on cool evenings.

In checking out bike gear I came across this little gadget. At first I was hesitant. After all, one of the nice things about riding is the mindless silence. But then it occurred to me that listening to my favorite tunes might make some of those hills feel a little easier. Besides, it’s only $69.99 and it can be used in other outdoor situations (think poolside or the beach). I haven’t bought it yet—mostly because I’m concerned that listening to music on bike speakers seems a little like something a 12-year-old would do—but the next time I’m moving at a slow crawl up a hill in Myers Park, I’ll probably be wishing I had it.

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