Product Spotlight: Cole Haan keychain

I hate to be one to perpetuate silly female stereotypes, but I will totally cop to having what my husband calls, “Mom keys.” By that he means a huge frickin’ wad of keys that weighs (seemingly) four pounds, while his neat little key collection is so tidy and streamlined that he can drop them casually into his pants’ pocket. That’s fine and dandy honey, but when you carry a purse as big as I do, you gotta be able to find your keys in a hurry, so the bigger the better. My formidable wad includes an intricately woven array of house keys, storage unit keys, car keys, and a delightful spectrum of charming key chains. There are currently three decorative chains on my keys. I can’t get enough of them, and now I am dying to add this precious little dangler by Cole Haan ($75 at Neiman Marcus) to my collection. An adorable purse on my keys that would then go into my purse? It’s meta, ironic, and fabulous, and I want it now. – J

(photo courtesy of Cole Haan)

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