Product Spotlight: Cosabella SATC lingerie

This may come as a total shock, but we love Sex and the City. I know, we’re totally not the demographic or anything. I mean, we’re girls in our twenties who love fashion and are writers. Oh wait. Yeah, we’re pretty much the most stereotypical SATC viewers of all time. We’ve both got the full DVD sets and Jenn has been known to dish out a bit of Carrie-esque relationship advice in her day.

So, as you might imagine, when the movie hit the big screen this summer, we were there with the droves of other Cosmo and a Manolo lovers. As a total sucker for marketing, I also fell hard for the new SATC line from Cosabella. They launched it in the spring with the movie, but they’re continuing it this fall.

Now, if I was choosing favorite styles from the show, I’d say I fall somewhere between Carrie’s pure insanity of a wardrobe and Charlotte’s chic closet. However, when it comes to this line, I want every single thing they’ve released for Miranda. The set above is the newest in for her—cocoa-colored tulle paired with pink lace wouldn’t have been our first thought for Miranda, but we love it too much to complain.

You can find Cosabella at I. C. London in Dilworth or Ballantyne, or at

(photo courtesy of Cosabella)

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