Product Spotlight: CREED Love in Black

When it comes to CREED fragrances, I have a bit of a secret. Every time I walk into any Neiman Marcus, the first thing I do is walk to the CREED counter and spritz myself. I think I’ve tried every one of their products, but you can never be too sure—and at upwards of $200 a bottle, I prefer to test extensively before purchasing.

When I saw that they were releasing a new fragrance this month called Love in Black I was more than a little thrilled. Then, when I saw that the fragrance was an homage to style icon Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, I had an even harder time containing my excitement. It seemed that Mr. Creed had read my mind. (Yes, there really is a Mr. Creed—actually a Monsier Creed if we’re being technical—who is actually a 6th generation perfumer. Creed has been passed from father to son since 1760 and is currently under Olivier Creed and his (seriously hot) son, Erwin.)

Anyway, back to the actual fragrance: it’s delicious. It’s a mix of Virginia cedar, night-blooming wildflowers, and Bulgarian rose, among other things. While, to be honest, I’m not totally sure what all of those things smell like, I do know I like their combination; it’s floral and musky all at once. Would Jackie O have worn it? I think so. Will I wear it? Let’s just say the next time I’m in Neimans, I know what I’ll be spritzing. -S

You can find CREED at Neiman Marcus at SouthPark Mall or

(photo courtesy of CREED)

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