Product Spotlight: Dior Iconic Mascara

Ordinarily you’d never find me bowing down to worship designer cosmetics – I am much more of an “Easy Breezy Beautiful Cover Girl” kind of gal- but I am a firm believer that if something works like magic, it’s worth shelling out for. And this mascara is so magical it actually comes with it’s own wand! (Pun intended! Ba dum dum!) Two quick swipes from this sleek silver tube and you’re lashes will be lovely, lush and down right lusty. (If it was ever going to be possible to bat your eyes at a guy and get his attention, this mascara would likely be involved.) And at a price of $27 a tube, it’s practically a steal, just as long as you don’t leave the cap off and let it dry out. We’re bettin’ Dior wasn’t just blowing smoke when they named this one “Iconic”, because it’s likely going to be a beauty expert fave for years to come.-J