Product Spotlight: Feerie fragrance

There is a lot of strange marketing that goes into fragrances. I once received an email about a men’s fragrance that compared it to a lion marking his territory in the jungle. I would like to meet the person who came up with that analogy and explain that cologne should never be compared to animals marking their territory, no matter how masculine you’re trying to make it sound.

However, occasionally, even I fall for the marketing. When Tom Ford’s Black Orchid scent came out and the press release said the word “sexy” no less than 47 times, I had decided this was going to be one seriously sexy scent before I’d even taken the lid off the bottle.

But if there was ever a fragrance for which I’ve succombed entirely to their marketing technique, it’s this new one by Van Cleef & Arpels that is exclusive to Neiman Marcus. It’s called Feerie and it actually has a small, sparkly, silver fairy perched on top of its deep blue bottle. It’s inspired by the Van Cleef’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream jewelry collection and, well, frankly I’m totally enchanted. And I haven’t even sniffed it yet. But believe me, as soon as I get over to Neiman’s, this will be my first stop.