Product Spotlight: Kate Spade Organizer

It’s time for another round of Confessions From My Youth (this one has nothing to do with my ears): Back in middle school, I used to LIVE for the first day of August, when our official school calendar would come out and I could rush to the Wal-Mart to buy a brand new planner and a shiny new set of Uniball colored ink pens and then proceed to fill in every vacation day, exam week, and the birthdays of every one of my friends and crushes. But here’s the confession: I continued this obsession well through high school, into college, and I’d be totally lying if I said I didn’t go out last fall and find myself a nice, sedate, leather bound planner and a sparkling pack of Uniballs, which is why I am positively SWOONING over this preppy, prim, perfect planner from the queen of all things classy, Kate Spade. As soon as my 2008 planner reaches it’s end, I’ll be sprinting to Kate Spade at SouthPark to scoop up one of these impossibly polished planner’s pals, and of course a sixer of Uniballs.

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