Product Spotlight: Kiehl’s Eye Treatment

Somewhere, buried deep in a beauty cabinet brimming with enough bath products to, well, fill a bathtub, is an old box stuffed with eye creams. If you were to ever find it under piles of shower gels and face masks, you would discover two things. 1) For only being in my twenties, I clearly have some issues with thinking I need to diminish wrinkles and puffiness around my eyes. 2) I have spent the equivalent of the GDP of some small countries attempting to rid myself of said wrinkles and puffiness.

However, the important thing is that the box is there. The products are put away. That, dear readers, is because I have discovered the eye cream to end all eye creams. Designed to “visibly soften the look of lines” and “improve firmness and elasticity,” this little guy actually does what it promises.

At $36 for .5 fluid ounces, it’s not cheap. (It’s also not $300 for .5 fluid ounces like a sample I once tried. I wasn’t sure if I was more disgusted with myself for using a beauty product that expensive or for smearing something that included fish eggs as an ingredient on my face.)

It’s worth every penny though. I’ve been using it every day for two years and feel fairly certain that if it were taken away, I’d look 85.

Well, maybe not. But you never know. – S

You can find Kiehls at Belk, and Nordstrom or at

(photo courtesy of Kiehls)

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