Product Spotlight: LUSH Bath Bomb

You know how people talk a lot about chains they wish would come to Charlotte? Container Store, H&M, Zara, Saks 5th Avenue… there are quite a few we’re still hoping for around here. Personally though, the chain I’m wishing for the most is LUSH.

I have a serious weak spot for this shop’s homemade cosmetics and fragrance soaps. Specifically, I am obsessed with their bath bombs. In fact, when I visit any city that actually does have a LUSH, there’s about a 90% chance my suitcase is packed with a few bath bombs when I return. They’re that good.

Luckily, they are available online. And, while this is kind of short notice considering St. Patrick’s Day is one week from today, right now they’ve got a Luck of the Irish Bath Bomb ($7.95), that is a shamrock-shaped fizzy bath bomb packed with avocado and smelling of lemongrass and rosewood. So, order it today, and consider this your lucky way to pre-party for the day’s festivities. I’m just hoping we’ll get really lucky and LUSH will finally come here.