Product Spotlight: MOO Business Cards

I love business cards. There’s something very vintage about the idea of handing someone a piece of paper with your information on it in this technologically friendly society. And I really love unusual business cards. (This love does not encompass those cards given to me that are too large to fit into my equally old fashioned Rolodex. Those are just annoying.)

But I do enjoy seeing unique cards. In college, a friend of Jenn and I actually doled out what he called “social cards.” They were simple cards with his name and number on them. I don’t how beneficial they actually were, but I liked the idea of using a business card for things not-so-business related. According to Details magazine this month, David Karp, the founder of the blogging tool Tumblr actually hands out business cards that say on the back that “if you’ve been handed one it’s probably because he doesn’t feel like talking to you.” Quite creative I think.

I give these examples because I recently came across a London-based company called MOO through another blog and it has made me want to find an excuse to get one of their business cards. Their mini cards with fun patterns look so chic. But, what I really want are the cards with photos on the back. And MOO makes it so easy because you can upload all of the photos straight from your computer AND they are partnered with various sites including facebook and flickr so you can pull the images straight from those.

Now I just have to find some excuse to have a business card that isn’t for my, well, business.

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