Product Spotlight: Rain Boots

Rainy days can really get a stylish girl down. First, you’ve got the whole messy hair thing because it doesn’t matter how well you dry and style it in the morning, the second you’re outside, it looks like it’s never even seen a brush. Then there’s the problem of the pants dragging through puddles or the cute shoes getting splashed on. Fashion seems like a foreign word on days like today.

Unless you own a seriously cute pair of rain boots. Then, everything changes. Trust me on this.
If it’s a spring rain, they’re the perfect way to make that cute sun dress look a little more edgy. If it’s chilly winter rain, tuck in your jeans and bundle up knowing your feet will stay cozy and dry.

My favorite rain boots right now? The Hunter “Original” Rain Boot available at Nordstrom ($115). They’re classic, comfy, and if you get them in a fun shade like this red they can add a fun, bright splash to any outfit. Oh, and also, they look very holiday-ish for these drizzly days in late December.

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