Product Spotlight: Tresemme Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist

I consider myself to be somewhat of a hairspray expert. I never embraced the non-aerosol lifestyle, and I’ve been misting my tresses with various styling products since I was 8 (I used to have a certain obsession with slicking my hair back with a combination of water and hairspray to make it especially hard and shiny. Much to my adult chagrin, there are several school photos that were taken during this phase of my life). There are several quite pricey sprays that I’vebecome a devotee of in the past few years (Rusk W8less and Kevin Murphy Session Spray to name just two), but times are tight and I just couldn’t justify shelling out $12 or $20 for a product that is meant to feel like you aren’t wearing it at all, so I decided to give in to the marketing ploy and find out if Tresemme products really are “salon quality”. Standing in the Target aisle, I decided on Tres Two Ultra Fine Mist, which claims to spray on dry (saving you from any of that wet, tackiness that most sprays have before they set into your hair), be touchable, brush-able, and perhaps the most exciting claim I was anxious to put to the test, it said it would guard against humidity. 
Here’s my humble assessment of this $4 hairspray:

Smell?: Not bad. Not too sweet. Not to chemically. Not too strong.

Goes on Dry?: This is definitely true. I found myself spraying more on than I actually needed because I am so used to that slightly weighty wetness that tells me “Yes, you go that spot already”. This went on totally try and totally non-tacky.

Brushable?: The only truly brushable hairspray I’ve ever used is the aforementioned SessionSpray by Kevin Murphy – and by that I mean you can curl your hair, spray it, then brush through the curl completely, and your hair will be soft meanwhile the curl actually stays intact for the rest of the day. That is a miracle, and as you would suspect, you have to pay for that kind of miracle (Session Spray hovers at $20 a bottle). I brushed through my hair after a mist of Tres Two, and while my hair was certainly soft to the touch, the style didn’t last as long after the combing.

Fights Humidity?: Okay, wow. In order for me to fully demonstrate the follicle sealing that this hairspray accomplished for me, let me take down a little hypothetical mind path: Imagine for a moment that you work somewhere that often smells like smoked pork. Hickory smoke. Billowing out at all hours of the day, and attacking everything about you – your clothes, your skin, and of course, your hair. Day after day you come home smelling like you yourself should be slathered in bbq sauce and served up beside a pile of collard greens. Your spouse has started affectionately calling you “Pork Head”. Are you with me still? Good. Now hear this: I swear to you that this hairspray not only protected my hair from frizzing out on rainy days, it actually shielded me against at least 75% of the pork-head-causing smell molecules (Uh, yes. That hypothetical is a true life story). Pure magic, and definitely worth $4.

Until the economy rebounds, I am sticking with this $4 winner, and maybe longer.

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