Product Spotlight: Wood for Good Floor Cleaner

I consider myself to be somewhat of a clean freak. I will whip out the vacuum at a moment’s notice and I’ve even been known to spray down the kitchen countertop with 409 while there is still food being prepared on top of it. There is just one thing I hate doing: mopping. The bucket. The water. The soap. The drying time. Trying to keep my cats off the floor during the drying time. On top of all that hassle, I’ve got hardwoods, which means that I can’t employ the same Windex and paper towel “quickie” technique I use on the bathroom floor (shhh, don’t tell my mom). Enter Method’s Wood for Good Floor Cleaner. All you do is spray a generous misting of the amber-colored liquid directly on to your hardwood floor and then swipe over it with their specially designed Omop (with an angled handle for easier pushing and a washable wet/dry pad that Velcro’s on to the end). The result is a totally clean floor, a delicate polished sheen, and the most heavenly scent of almonds. Seriously, I can’t tell you how much more pleasing it is to have a clean house the smells like sweet nutty goodness rather than a chemical spill. Best of all, it’s totally non-toxic so it’s good for pets and the environment. Other than changing out your lightbulbs for the eco-friendly kind, what else have you bought lately that’s good for the earth? That’s what I thought. Well here is one more thing that is easy to buy, easy to use, and easy to love. Don’t want to stop there? Then pick up THIS BOOK for more info on how to detox your home, Method-style. – J

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