Q & A with Steve Madden

The man behind the shoes is going to be at Belk at South Park this Saturday, Sept. 26 from 2-3:30 p.m. talking about fall trends and, most importantly, giving away free shoes. (Are there any two words I like to hear more in the same sentence than “free” and “shoes”? I think not.)

To whet your appetite, we asked Mr. Madden to answer a few of our burning questions!

Shop Talk: What is your favorite trend in women’ shoes for fall?
Steve: I have to say the menswear trend. Oxfords and lace-up booties are great looking.

Shop Talk: What trend are you loving in women’s fashion over all this season?
Steve: Again, I like the menswear inspired looks: boyfriend jeans, flannel shirts, and skirts with booties.

Shop Talk: What footwear trend are you hoping is on the way OUT? Anything you’d prefer not to see anymore?
Steve: I’m not really sick of any trend. I am obsessed with shoes in general.

Shop Talk: Is there a boot in your collection that can really be a workhorse in a girl’s closet for both day and night? How about a boot that mom can borrow from her daughter without looking ridiculous?
Steve: The Intyce is a gorgeous boot that is great for day into evening and around town. The over-the-knee boot, Blondee is something moms and daughters can wear with equal style.

Ed. Note: We’d like one of each please! Luckily, Sarah and I both wear a size 9.5, so we can share them. (I know, so magnanimous of us, isn’t it?)

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