Q&A: Getting to Know SiteOne Landscape Supply

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Q: Tell me about SiteOne – what kind of company is it?
A: SiteOne Landscape Supply is the nation’s largest wholesale provider of irrigation, agronomic, nursery and hardscape products. We’ve been in this industry since day one. In fact, we’ve helped it grow to what it is today. Our experts know our products and customers better than anyone else in the industry. We stock the region’s most popular products and keep our IN-Stock offering in line with local design trends. No matter where you are in the project, you can be confident that we will have the products you need when you need them to complete your job. We have 6 hardscape locations throughout the Charlotte Metro area – two of which are SiteOne Stone Centers – as well numerous additional locations where we service Nursery, Irrigation, and Landscape Supplies. We also have the area’s largest delivery fleet dedicated to hardscape and landscape supply delivery.  No matter where you are, we can help you!

Q: What are “Hardscapes”?
A: Hardscapes is a general term for stone and manufactured concrete products used in the construction of outdoor spaces and structures like patios, sidewalks, garden walls and driveways. Hardscape projects can expand to include pool decks, interior and exterior stone facades, outdoor kitchens, living areas and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Your nearest SiteOne Stone Center is the source for the finest materials, backed by the most knowledgeable hardscape experts in Charlotte. Along with the latest design trends, insights and techniques, you’ll find everything you need to complete your next project.

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Q: Can anyone purchase from SiteOne?
A: Absolutely! Everyone is welcome at our Stone Centers. You can walk through our product displays for inspiration, get expert advice on your next project or get connected with a reputable contractor in Charlotte. Whether it’s a scoop of mulch or a complete outdoor living area – our Stone Center Experts are here to help.

Q: Does SiteOne do the installation work?
A: We do not. But we have extensive relationships with industry professionals in Charlotte and are more than happy to connect you with one of our customers! Already working with a contractor. Our Stone Center Experts we’ll gladly work with you, and your installation professional, to identify the best products for your vision.

Tiger Strip Rustic RiverQ: What other types of products does SiteOne sell?
A: SiteOne specializes in a full range of landscape products.  We are a leading supplier of outdoor lighting, synthetic turf, outdoor appliances, firepits, plants, flowers, trees and a wide variety of nursery products.   Access our website for specific information on stores that specialize in the products you’re looking for.

Q: How do I get my products from SiteOne to my house?
A: SiteOne delivers.  Our delivery experts are the best in the industry at getting your products home – SAFELY, efficiently, and on time for you (or your contractor) to start work.


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