Q&A: Sasha Harbrecht

Chris Edwards

Ready to make that "organizing your life" New Year’s resolution finally stick? We chatted with Sasha Harbrecht, owner of Paper Twist in SouthPark’s Specialty Shops on the Park, for tips on leaving the clutter in 2009 and achieving work-space Zen in 2010. shoppapertwist.com

Q:­­ I just ­can’t seem to keep my calendar organized. Got a quick cure?
A: Pick a method to process all dates — weddings, birthdays, work events, parties, bill payment due dates — to make sure that they all get on your calendar. Add some flair to keep it fun while organized, like color coding. Then pick a view — daily, weekly, or monthly — but be sure to look ahead, regardless of your view.

Q: ­­Any secret weapons for your desk you’d suggest?
A: A desk blotter. I’m a constant note taker, so it’s helpful to have something right in front of me that makes writing and retrieving my notes convenient. I also like to keep a healthy stash of funky pens around.

Q: Can you share your personal organizing system?
A: I begin each day at a clean desk, creating a priority list of what I can and should reasonably expect to complete that day. Taking that time in the morning to plan out my day and get my bearings in order keeps me efficient and encouraged!

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