Random Acts of Weirdness

Ever have the urge to do something strange? Meet Jeff Taylor and Ana Jofre, the creators of Charlotte Flash Mob, a group of people who show up at certain places, do something odd, and leave. They’ve organized such funky events as a mass bubble-blowing on the LYNX. We found out what motivates the duo.

What motivates you to come up with ideas?

Ana: I think Charlotte has this really creative element that’s just dying to burst out. I think that’s part of it, just wanting to make this city a more interesting place to live. … One that appreciates art and spontaneity.
Jeff: I just want Charlotte to be weirder. [Laughs.]

Do you have something big planned?

Ana: One of the ideas we’re bouncing around involves having a recess time in uptown where a bunch of people just show up and start playing schoolyard games. And we were thinking, "Oh, this area needs a shakeup."

What reactions do you usually get?

Jeff: [During the bubble blowing on the LYNX], there was some big race going on. Race fans were not our best target audience necessarily for something strange like that. But there were also some people who really seemed to like it, especially the kids.

Follow Charlotte Flash Mob at @CltFlashMob to find out when the next flash mob will take place.

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