Reader Response: 10 Style Resolutions for 2009

It’s a brand new year, readers, and we here at Shoptalk have finally set aside time to reflect on our style lives from the last year and come up with a list of resolutions for our next 365 (okay, 360, we are a little behind) days o’ livin’. 

Jenn is up first, but as the title of this post would suggest, we are most interested in finding out what YOUR style resolutions are for 2009, so show us some love in the Comments!
Jenn’s 2009 Style Resolutions

1. Ease up on the scarves (just a smidge) and explore new accessories. Perhaps look into layered necklaces that you wouldn’t automatically assume will go together.

2. Commit to a facial moisturizer and resign myself to the fact that it’s gonna be (at least moderately) pricey. 

3. Suck it up and buy a new pair of well made “everyday” summer sandals to replace my worn-to-the-frickin’-bone Coach thong slides. 

4. Stop talking about having a yard sale and actually have one so that we can get rid of the storage unit full of stuff where we store “things we will sell in a yard sale”. 

5. Convince mom and/or husband to buy me a decently nice pair of small diamond stud earrings to wear causally. 

6. Face facts, shed tears, and say goodbye to my trusty kelly green raincoat which has faded, lost buttons, and stopped looking like the crisp, classy piece of outerwear it once was.  Once the grieving period has ended, buy a new one. Maybe red this time? 

7. Find out if I am one of those people who wears watches. If I am, buy a cute one. 

8. Devise a way to stop losing my sunglasses without resorting to a Croakie. 

9.  Continue adding to my style inspiration notebook, and remember to refer to it before shopping so that I actually end up buying things that contribute to my overall style personality statement. 

10.  Shop in London with Sarah. (A girl can dream, right?)