Reader Response: Tights with Peep Toes

Yesterday we found this very good question in our inbox:

Is it okay to wear pantyhose/tights with peep toe pumps? I am asking because I am going to an evening wedding in Pittsburgh in two weeks and I’m wearing a knee length strapless black dress. I have a pair of nine west peep toes (the same color electric blue that’s in the Chinese Laundry shoes) that I want to wear with it. I was always told that hose and open toes were not okay together, but I think sheer black hose or maybe even a black patterned tight would look great with the outfit. If not that, then at least a sheer nude for propriety. Or maybe I should just give up on the peep toes altogether?

Thanks for the question Meck!

Here’s what we think:

Jenn says, “Yes it’s okay, and yes, I’d say some seriously opaque black tights or a thick textured tight (or my fave, a less-opaque black tight with an open weave black fishnet or other texture over it for an opaque, but not overbearing look) would work. Make sure that the reinforced toe is tucked under but that the tights aren’t pulled too tightly over your toes (otherwise you get that sheerness just right there on the big toe and your toes become the focus of the look). It may take some finessing, but it can totally be done. I think DKNY and Spanx make some of the best black tights in town.”

Sarah says, “Absolutely go with the tights. Before this fall I had a lot of hesitations as well about the open toed shoes or sandals and tights. But, when it comes to questions like this, I defer to designers like Burberry and John Galliano, whose fall 08 runways featured this look. And, of course, also to stylish celebs like Kate Moss, Scarlett Johansson, and Heidi Klum, who have donned the trend. Make sure that your shoes are not too summery though (doesn’t sound like they are) and I’d stay away from the sheer pantyhose—I think that’s where you cross the line from edgy fashionista to girl just desperate to keep her legs semi-warm.”

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