Reader Response: What is the best facial moisturizer for winter?

Howdy dear readers. Jenn here.  

I was just getting dressed (yes, it is nearly noon. I work at home. Hate me if you wish.) and putting on my makeup and I realized that I have a bruise on the inside of my left palm. Then I remembered why: 
I’ve been turning my beloved bottle of Bobbie Brown Protective Face Lotion with SPF 15 upside down and slamming it repeatedly into my hand for the last month with the hopes of extracting just one more silky dollop to get my face through another day. 
Considering that this act of desperation has now resulted in actual bodily harm, it is probably a sign that I need to go ahead, suck it up, and buy some new moisturizer.  But before I do, I am hoping to gain some counsel from you, our trusted readers. 
I’d like to kick my moisture routine up a notch for the drier, colder months (I do realize it is likely in the 80’s outside at this moment, but you understand that in theory we will have colder, dry months eventually), so I am hoping to find a cream or lotion that will really just soak right in and make every inch of my face feel soft and supple all day long. 
Do any of you saavy, stylish darlings out there have any suggestions as to what I should slather on my face this fall and winter?  I am open to anything: drug store faves to designer indulgences – but if possible I’d like to keep the price to under $40 a bottle (I’m not made of money – just dry sensitive skin). 
Bring it on, readers. Advise me.  I’ll publish your suggestions here on the blog and then pick a few to try! The reader who picks the lotion I end up loving most will get their own bottle of the stuff, on me. 
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