Recession Shopping Behaviors To Stay Put?

This morning I read this article by the New York Times, which examines how the recession may be altering our consumer behaviors permanently, and how we might be happier as a result.  As someone who spends much of her days blogging and tweeting to support local retailers, I don’t especially like the idea that our local wallets might stay cemented shut, thus forcing great boutiques to close their doors. But, as the article points out, inventive new strategies to bring customers into stores (like Twitter-announced deals, Facebook-invited VIP shopping parties, and great Groupon promotions) are positive by products of these tough times, and ingenuity is never a bad thing.

This article also made me examine my own personal behaviors. I have definitely become someone who shops their own closet before hitting the mall, and my store credit cards that used to get monthly action haven’t had a nickle charged to them in months. I’ve had shoes re-heeled instead of chucking them in favor of newer styles. I’ve swapped out department store beauty products for the Ulta and drugstore variety. I’ve even gone so far as to go longer in between hair appointments (hello roots!).  I definitely miss shopping, and I’d be lying if I said I got really excited about getting dressed in the morning when faced with a closet full of 2007 outfits, but I’ve grown used to the idea of paying less for how I look. I don’t know which of these habits I might leave behind in the future as my bank account returns to livable levels again. Has living like this made me happier? I’m really not sure.

How do you feel, Shop Talkers? Are you itching to get back into the consumer arena again? Do you save up to go on spending sprees or do you make little purchases all year long to keep your closet fresh and your spirits high? What makes you happier, carrying a lower balance on your credit card or carrying a new Marc Jacob’s handbag (and why can’t we have both!)?

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