Recognize this Guy?

You should. He’s every twenty-something  banker in Charlotte. We break down the psychology of the Bank Uniform

Light Blue Shirt
Not Carolina blue, but executive blue. Ironic nod to the fact that you are in no way a blue-collar worker. Avoid the white collar/blue shirt combo. It is so 1989.

Black, Pleated Dress Pants
Because pleats add ten pounds and ten years, these are not recommended for associates under the age of forty-five.  If you’re younger than that, tell your mom to buy you some flat-fronts, because pleats aren’t cool anymore. If you’re older than that, and still work for a bank, do whatever the hell you want—you’ve earned it.

Reversible Black/Brown Belt
Two belts for the price of one. Score. Spend the extra cash on
cell phone accessories or golf balls with your college logo on them.

Fancy Watch
Says, ‘Hey, I’m punctual and fashionable.’  And since you can’t carry your car around, it gives the world a little hint of your net worth.

Shoes with Tassels
Just like Dad.

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