Remembering Bill Spoon

On Friday, Bill Spoon died. Even if you never ate his barbecue, you might be familiar with his name. That was his joint down on South Boulevard (now run by his grandson, Stephen)–the one with the sign that says “We use the whole pig–it makes the difference.” Or something to that effect. Bill Spoon’s place consistently cranks out the best Eastern NC-style barbecue in the city. But it won’t be the same without Mr. Spoon behind the counter, taking IOUs, pushing the banana pudding, and rounding down bills. The Observer published a nice article today on his funeral, and I really recommend you read this profile that we published in June 2001. Written by then-senior editor Will Boye (who’s now with the Charlotte Business Journal), it’s a great piece, and it tells the story of who Spoon really was and how he started his restaurant. —R.T.
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