Ring Bling

Chris Edwards

This wedding season, we’re thinking outside the traditional Tiffany & Co. box. Decorate your ring finger with stunning stones, like rubies or sapphires, in unusual settings coupled with mixed metals like rose gold. When it comes to your engagement ring, a classic diamond is forever, but a rare rock is unforgettable.

1. Sapphire ring, $16,887, Morrison Smith Jewelers 2. Pear-Shaped ring, $3,499, Skatell’s Jewelers 3. Morganite ring with diamond halo, $3,445, Diamonds Direct SouthPark 4. Initial ring, $1,200, Kristin Morris Jewelry 5. Gold Band, $550, Diamonds Direct SouthPark 6. yellow Diamond ring, $54,485, lions Jewelers 7. yellow Sapphire and Diamond ring, $13,600, elizabeth Bruns, Inc. 8. rose/flower Band, $5,700, Diamonds Direct SouthPark 9. Sapphire ring, $8,270, Skatell’s Jewelers 10. yellow Gold and Diamond ring, $5,200, elizabeth Bruns, Inc. 11. Inset Diamond ring, $2,717, Diamonds Direct SouthPark 12. ruby ring, $19,700, lions Jewelers

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