Ring Toss: Gift Ideas for the Bride-to-Be

The best gift for a bride-to-be
Congratulate the bride-to-be with a pretty little dish to hold her bling.

A dear friend recently got engaged and at the celebratory drinks/dinner that the girls gathered for to hear the story, see the ring, etc., not one, but two, gals gifted the lucky lady with a delicate, decorative ring dish. And I thought to myself: why haven’t you thought of this as a great engagement gift before? Duh! (The one pictured at left—the Swimming Hole Ring Dish, $12, anthropologie.com—was one of the two Miss Kate received that night.)

A little Internet scouring of the usual suspects and full-on etsy.com perusing and I rounded up a few ideas for the perfect place to hold her newest, shiniest object safely and securely when she needs to remove it (gasp!) for awhile.

One for the bedside table, one for the bathroom, perhaps another by the kitchen sink? Seriously all so adorable—why not have one for every room of the house? 

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