Ringling Bros. Bring High Flying Dragons to TWC Arena

The circus is in town, and they're bringing acts from across the globe to Time Warner Cable Arena starting tomorrow.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey will present its new high-flying circus Dragons to Charlotte beginning tomorrow, Jan. 30, through Feb. 3. 

The show features acts from across the world showcasing feats of bravery and athleticism in honor of the Chinese zodiac Year of The Dragon. Ringmaster Jonathan Lee Iverson will preside over the show.

Some of the acts include:

• The Shaolin Warriors, from China, performing Kung Fu martial arts dating back to the 5th century. The Shaolin Warriors demonstrate powerful concentration and skill by using rapid movements and their strength to twist eight foot long metal rods; break six foot long wooden poles in one precise strike; or be lifted seven feet in the air on the points of five handheld spears.

• The Riders of the Wind, a dozen of the most deftly-balancing Cossack riders, charge into the ring on their thoroughbred horses, displaying strength and dexterity. The equestrian acrobat riders perform intricate maneuvers on horseback, including a double-man pyramid that builds to a  Roman riding five-man high pyramid, all while the horses are galloping at full speed.

• The Globe of Steel features the Torres Family who will shatter all records by putting eight family members on specialized motorcycles. Once locked inside a 16-foot steel globe, all together they will orbit at an unprecedented 65 miles per hour within inches of each other.

• Alexander Lacey, trainer and award winning presenter, makes his American debut along with his big cats including tigers and lions. Lacey’s command of the big cats’ agility and strength demonstrates unconditional respect between man and predator.

• Featured in a aerial display, Viktoriya Medeiros and Widny Neves, the Hair Hang Heroines ascend 35-feet in the air from just the strands of their long dark hair. Relying on the pure strength of their hair, they juggle, flip and spiral down a silk chiffon.

Audience members will also get a chance to meet the performers, learn to juggle and get close to one of the Asian elephants before the show. This interactive event will take place the hour leading up the show and is included in the cost of a ticket.

Tickets are available at the Time Warner Cable Arena box office, at ticketmaster.com, at ringling.com or by calling 1-800-745-3000. Find out more about Dragons on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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