Ron Tober Returns

Just got word via press release that Charlotte Trolley Inc. has hired Ron Tober to be its new executive director. Yes, that Ron Tober. The oft-maligned former head of CATS who is getting the last laugh as riders flock to the trains. Also somewhat news to me: the trolley is supposed to start running again in March. I heard whispers of this a few days ago, but otherwise had long since given up hope that it would run again.

I figured the powers that be (don't you just love that ambiguous, lazy phrase?) had decided that the trolley had served its purpose by serving as the catalyst for light rail and now could be shelved. I'm glad I'm wrong. And I'll be curious to see how Tober handles all the glad-handing that comes with running a nonprofit. In his last gig, he had to pacify politicians (which he didn't always do so well), but raising money is a whole 'nother thing.

By the way, shout-out to Lisa Gray for the fine work she did running Charlotte Trolley. With continual good spirits and admirable organizational skills, she kept it alive through thick and thin despite usually being a staff of one. Lisa is still sticking around, by the way. She'll consult while she spends some more time with her family. She is helping out with this Friday's Speakeasy Gala , which is always a good time. If you're want to support the trolley, check it out.

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