Rules of the Game

Though tennis can easily adapt to modern apparel, racquet design, and high-def graphics, the rules of the game remain true to tradition. Thought it was OK to answer your iPhone between points? Think again.

  • Spectators should stay quiet during a point and never applaud another player's error.
  • Seriously: shut off the cell.
  • It's perfectly OK to instruct your doubles partner to "switch" or let her know "I got it!" but there's no need to scream throughout a rally or spend time talking about your weekend between points.
  • Be on time for your scheduled match.
  • Just as you'd let another couple finish their meal at a restaurant, allow other players to finish their match while you wait for a court. They likely had to wait, too.
  • If you're playing on a crowded day at Park Road Park and another player's ball accidentally lands in your court, keep your temper and call a let (aka do over).
  • Apparel has certainly evolved but players should still dress modestly and appropriately, wearing tennis shoes, shorts/skirts, and shirts.
  • Don't overapologize. We all have bad days -- concentrate on getting the ball in next time rather than figuring out a different way to say "I'm sorry" for missing the ball.

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