Sangria Sippin'

Chris Edwards
Cuban Pete’s Cafe offers six different varieties of sangria for $5 a glass.

At the new Cuban Pete’s Café in Plaza Midwood, guests don’t have to settle for traditional sangria. In fact, they absolutely should not because that would mean missing the mojito sangria, a chilled and refreshing mixture of white wine with mint leaves and limes. Not a mojito fan? Try Tony’s Favorite, a unique mix of brandy, white wine, ginger, mango, apples, and oranges, named after the restaurant’s owner, Tony Ortiz. The sangria bar offers six versions of the traditional sweet Spanish drink with three red-wine-based options and three white, all ladled from large glass jars and served over ice. “We thought it’s such a fun drink, why stop at traditional?” says Ortiz. Each sangria is $5 for a glass or $20 for a pitcher. Cuban Pete’s Café, 1308 The Plaza, 980-939-1053.

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