Save This Store: Peek-A-Boo Couture

Since 2010 started, there has been an increase in positive stories in the news – stories about the economy finally, maybe, starting to climb it’s way up from bottom, or at the very least, not falling any further down.  While we certainly take heart to hear such quasi-good news, we know that small business owners, especially in the retail marketplace, are still suffering here in Charlotte.

To do our part, Shop Talk will be featuring Save This Store posts designed to let you know about great local boutiques and retail outlets that are in danger of having to close their doors. We hope you’ll pass these posts along to your friends as well.

At Peek-A-Boo Couture you can buy an adorable tutu for your toddler and a chic, age-appropriate outfit for your increasingly fashion-savvy 7- year-old as well.  The offerings are diverse, often a bit quirky, but always imaginative. Everyone’s wardrobe could use a bit of whimsy – whether or you are 6 or 46, don’t you agree?   The storefront is located right on East Blvd. right near 131 Main,  but has suffered from a lack of foot traffic because you have to go inside the shopping structure to park and then walk out and down to reach the storefronts.  Believe me when I say it’s easier than it seems. Parking is ample inside the structure, which is actually an rare thing in the East Blvd. area.  So take those extra few steps and come down and check out Peek-A-Boo couture. Getting your kid dressed and out the door is already enough of a hassle – wouldn’t it be more fun if they had an outfit they loved and looked forward to putting on?  We thought so. 

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