Saving with Style: ABS at J.C. Penney

What is going on over at J.C. Penney these days? According to WWD this morning, the chain has “called upon the Los Angeles-based A.B.S and its co-owner, founder and design director, Allen B. Schwartz, to create a dress and sportswear collection that puts a faster fashion spin on the business.” This, following their announcement last week that Charlotte Ronson would be designing a line for spring, has convinced me that it’s time to actually Mapquest J.C. Penney in Charlotte and at the very least figure out where one is.

So, Penney’s, what’s next? Can we expect an announcement of a designer contributing to a handbag or shoe line next week? I hope so.

Update: There’s a J.C. Penney at Carolina Place mall. Who knew?

*The photo is unfortunately not of anything from J.C. Penney. It is of an ABS dress currently on sale at Neiman’s for $430. Now, if only this look could be brought down to Penney’s prices.