Saving with Style: Animal Print Belts

With every design that marches down the runway on fashion week, I have a brief moment of thinking “oh, I could totally make that dress on my own.” Then I remember a) there are copyright infringement laws in place to protect against criminally-minded people like me and b) I can’t sew.

However, it’s no crime to imitate the idea of the looks designers are putting out and while some stores (ahem, Forever 21) tend to walk that line a little too closely at times, others, like Target, just bring the latest fashions for seriously low prices.

Case in point: These animal print belts above that are on sale at Target right now for $16.99. And while this $225 leopard belt by Dolce & Gabbana and this $415 zebra print one by Christian Dior are both made in Italy and both totally gorgeous, let’s be honest, sometimes $415 for a belt just seems like crazy talk. Even to us.

(photo courtesy of Target)