Saving with Style: Anthropologie Bathing Suits

Ok, so finding a new bathing suit probably isn’t at the top of your “to do” list right now being that sweater weather is just around the corner and with last night’s temperature drop you’re thinking more fabric rather than less.

However, one day early next spring when you’re eyeing the pool or planning your beachside getaway, you’re going to be wishing you had something new and fresh in your bathing suit drawer. So, why not take care of it now? Conveniently, Anthropologie is offering an AMAZING sale on their suits. The one above by Tibi was originally $198 and is now $39.95. Yeah, 75% off designer labels is pretty much impossible to resist. Plus, now you’ve got all winter to make it so that come next spring you look just as hot as that suit above. How’s that for inspiration?