Saving with Style: Eco-friendly fashion at Target

Remember just a few years ago when wearing eco-friendly clothes meant a whole lot a of hemp and very little style? Of course, all of that has changed with things like organic cotton and big name designers like Linda Loudermilk jumping in on the green trend.

Well, now, according to WWD today, Target will launch a line this spring that is eco-friendly, fashion-friendly, and wallet-friendly. The line will be from Rogan Gregory’s Loomstate label and will kick off on Earth Day (April 22). It’s a still a few months away, but for fashion that is good for the environment and looks good on you? We think it’s worth the wait.

*And one other thing: It may be worth noting that the concept of fashionable eco-friendly clothing is a LOT more exciting than the expression on the model’s face would suggest. Good god woman, at least try to look like you are enjoying yourself.

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