Saving with Style: Find My Look

As we all know, now’s not exactly the best time as far as the economy is concerned. Luckily, even in the days of ever-dropping stock prices and doomsday economic predictions, there are still plenty of stores where you can get totally fashionable looks for a fraction of the price. (You’ve heard us rave about Target over and over again.)

Right now, we love Forever 21. Sure, you have to get past the hoards of pre-teens and aggressively loud hip hop music in the Carolina Place mall store, but it’s worth a trip. Or, if you’d rather not be trying on pants in the dressing room next to the girl whining to her mom about her size 0’s not fitting anymore, may we suggest the Website?

Our favorite feature right now on the site is their “Find My Look” feature. I chose the look titled “Southern Hospitality” (obviously) and I can purchase every single thing the model (above) is wearing for under $100. This includes two rings, a headband, and earrings—in addition to her dress, blazer, shoes and bag. Now that’s my kind of shopping.

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