Scarves & Hats: Find This Season's Bundle of Joy

Stay warm without looking like the abominable snowman with these gorgeous scarves and hats

Spring weather is on the horizon, but the winter chill is still nipping at our fingers and toes. To stay warm without looking like the abominable snowman, try these stylish blizzard busters (clockwise):

1. Beige Knit Cap, $20, Nordstrom, 704-442-6000

2. Spunk Silk Solid Extra Large Scarf in Brown and Beige, $58, Scout & Molly’s, 704-817-7009

3. Tall Sangria Mittens, $30, Bevello, 704-643-5551

4. Kelly Teal Infinity Scarf, $24, Urban Outfitters, 704-366-7497

5. Tolani Zig Zag Scarf, $78, Scout & Molly’s

6. D&Y Teal Knit Cloche, $30, Lotus, 704-335-8884

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