Scents and Sensibility

Now your home can smell as good as it looks

If you’re a fan of farrow & Ball’s richly colored paints and Jo Malone’s luxurious fragrances, then it should come as no surprise that these two famed British brands have teamed to create a line of colorful candles. The new collection, which launches this month, features five collector’s edition candles with vibrant Jo Malone scents like lime-basil-mandarin, as well as warmer aromas like wild fig-cassis. each candle is encased in a stylish glass vase colored in a classic farrow & Ball hue that matches the scent, such as farrow & Ball oval room Blue no. 85, a fresh and modern blue to match Jo Malone’s blue agave- cacao fragrance. The candles are $65 each and are available at Neiman Marcus or

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