Send us your Halloween Fashions!

Halloween is just around the corner and Shop Talk is dying to know what you are dressing as for the big night. Are you slipping into a cardigan and pencil skirt to channel your inner Mad Men lady? Busting out some vintage Madonna? Embracing your inner bohemian in hippie-gear? Fashioning yourself a Hogwarts cape and uniform? Dazzling in a DIY fairy princess ensemble?  Send us your photos!  We’ll post the most fashionable and creative costumes right here on Shop Talk and award a small treat to the reader with the most stylish look for Halloween! 

We know that you, our infinitely stylish Shop Talk readers, are far too chic to be wearing anything like this so we feel safe giving you our email address. Please don’t send anything that will make us get red flagged by corporate filters. That is just embarrassing for everyone involved.

Send your costume photos to  jenn(dot)grabenstetter(at)morris(dot)com, or tweet them to us @jenntgrab!

Happy Haute Haunting!

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