Shopping for a Beach Party

Beat the heat with embroidered prints, a straw hat, and laid-back accessories.

Clockwise from top left: Figue tote, $595, Poole Shop, 704-553-8868; AG denim cut-off shorts, $168, Monkee’s of Charlotte, 704-379-7995; Aish red and burgundy necklace, $80, Poole Shop; Twine & Twig shell necklace, $230, doll. (a boutique), 704-910-5314; Peep beaded necklace, $78, Poole Shop; The Hatter Company straw fedora, $24, Scout & Molly’s, 704-817-7009; Bond No.9 Montauk fragrance, $280, Nordstrom SouthPark, 704-442-6000; Star Mela sandals, $120, Poole Shop; Matta pom pom scarf, $195, Poole Shop; Christophe Sauvat crab clutch, $88, Denim House, 704-665-5555; Matta beaded bracelets, $35-$45, Poole Shop; Quay Australia sunglasses, $45, KK Bloom, 704-919-1142; Clarins Self-Tanning Instant Gel, $37, Nordstrom SouthPark; Love On A Hanger embroidered tank, $26, Nordstrom SouthPark; Mipacha sneakers, $100, doll. (a boutique);

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