Sit…Stay…Good Dog!

Sit...Stay...Good Dog!The Dog Wizard's (704-724-0837, staff train your pooch with the clicker (positive reinforcement), leash-and-collar (negative reinforcement), or e-collar methods (a blend of both). Prices start at $525 for a basic obedience package. And if you're too busy to bring your pup by, staffers will come to your home. Each package of services includes unlimited training sessions (read: they won't abandon you until your pet is tamed).

Swamped? Try the Board-In Training ($1,800), held at MetroPaws (2029 S. Tryon St., 704-574-1577, Hand over your pup for two weeks and, voila, he'll return knowing more than twenty commands.

Sign up your dog for classes (all packages start at a base price of $100) in agility with Dog Haven (4225 Rock River Rd., 704-599-0571, Your pup will learn to obey commands by moving through an obstacle course, running through tunnels, bounding across bridges, and jumping over objects.

Trainers at Charlotte Dog Training Club (13607 Choate Circle, 704-853-1036, train according to the American Kennel Club's rigorous standards. There are several eight-week sessions plus orientation ($100) in both agility and obedience.

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