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New greeting card line triggers hilarity among Charlotteans

During an alcohol-infused night involving a typewriter and family photo albums circa 1950, forty-seven-year-old Tim Mikkelsen and forty-six-year-old Phyllis Wright-Herman created their first batch of irreverent MikWright greeting cards.

Seventeen years and more than 400 styles later, the Charlotte-based duo will debut a new line of cards this month, adhering to their original design: vintage photos hand glued on basic stationery with a caption inside. Expect more quirky images (graduating into the 1970s and '80s) and hints of political references.

Mikkelsen's pick: a cheeky woman in 1970s drab brown clutching the receiver in a phone booth captioned, "Hello, vodka? It's mommy calling."

Find MikWright greeting cards at Swoozie's, Paper SkyScraper, Canvas Monkey, and Joseph Beth Booksellers.

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